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Kelvin-Helmholtz: Rare wave clouds amaze sky-watchers in Wyoming BBC (resilc)

Hubble Detects Ghostly Glow Surrounding Our Solar System PhysOg

Mars May Have Active Volcanoes, Adding New Promise To Search for Extraterrestrial Life Time

Researchers Link Aspartame Sweetener To Anxiety Science (furzy)


Key Partner in Covax Will End Support for Middle-Income Nations New York Occasions


Study: COVID-19 rapid home tests not highly sensitive for Omicron CIDRAP


China getting ready for dangerous outcomes:


We’re living in virus hell Washington Publish. Lambert: “They introduced this completely on themselves…”

Local weather/Atmosphere

Crews race to contain biggest oil spill in Keystone pipeline history: Mystery breach sends 14,000 barrels of crude gushing over Kansas countryside Each day Mail

What US Leadership Can Do for Nature Undertaking Syndicate (David L)

Nature-based solutions can generate 20 million new jobs with right policies: UN report Anadolu Company

Colgate’s 9 Billion Toothpaste Tubes Defy Effort To Recycle Them Bloomberg

An Indian spiritual leader is urging the world to ‘save soil.’ Experts say he’s not helping. Grist


The semiconductor industry and the China challenge Asia Occasions. Kevin W: “Half 2 at https://asiatimes.com/2022/12/the-chip-industry-and-national-security/

China banks throw $460bn credit lifeline to real estate sector Nikkei

China to Cooperate With Gulf Nations on Nuclear Energy and Space, Xi Says New York Occasions

China to use Shanghai exchange for yuan energy deals with Gulf nations – Xi Reuters

Previous Blighty

A crisis in a crisis: How charity workers are struggling to make ends meet openDemocracy

There’s a better Brexit strategy available to Labour Chris Gray

German Government Deficit to Hit 4.5% in 2023 – Spiegel Reuters


Greece’s Varoufakis brings his anti-establishment party to Italy Politico

Napoleon’s Art of Warfare Massive Serge

New Not-So-Chilly Conflict

L’affaire Merkel nails the coffin in any hope for a peace deal (not that we had any, we thought expectations have been wildly out of line). Alexander Mercouris argued yesterday, and I agree, that Merkel was not enjoying Putin from the outset. However she got here to understand the fierce opposition of the US and fell in line.

‘Minsk II Was Agreed On To Arm Ukraine’ – Did Merkel Really Say That? Moon of Alabama. Even when the Mercouris/Moon takes are appropriate, they don’t exculpate Merkel and Germany. She refused to uphold a signed deal when the wind blew the opposite manner.

That Sends Shockwaves… Andrei Martyanov. Vital.

Paul Whelan: US and Russia to explore more prisoner swaps BBC

The Americans Started the US War with Russia CounterPunch (resilc)

In Ukraine, they announced damage to about half of critical infrastructure Teller Report

Modi to Skip Annual Putin Summit Over Ukraine Nuke Threats Bloomberg. Observe Putin has made no such deal with. That was Liz Truss. The West stored accusing Russia when Russia had not modified doctrine, which was that the usage of nukes was defensive. Nevertheless, this exhibits the hazards of attempting to debunk one thing, that it usually winds up reinforcing the disputed proposition. As an illustration, research discovered that press makes an attempt to disprove the declare that Saddam Hussein labored with Osama bin Laden in 9/11 wound up reinforcing the concept, merely by placing their names in similar paragraph. The visible proximity supported the concept that they have been related.

Russia offers India cooperation on lease and construction of heavy-tonnage vessels TASS

Iran, Russia, China Hold Joint Naval Drill Amid Growing Ties Radio Free Europe


The Other Giant Crisis Hanging Over the Islamic Republic of Iran Intercept

Massive Brother is Watching You Watch

Guess which Fortune 500 brands and govt agencies share data with Twitter? The Register

The Legal System Is Completely Unprepared for Apple AirTag Stalking Vice

Imperial Collapse Watch

New spending bill squanders billions on dysfunctional weapons programs Accountable Statecraft


Judge declines to hold Trump and his legal team in contempt of court over classified documents: reports Enterprise Insider

Kyrsten Sinema Switches to Independent, but Stays Close to Democrats Charles Pierce, Esquire (furzy)

“She is scared about her reelection”: Kyrsten Sinema ditches Democrats and registers as independent Salon

Our No Longer Free Press

This tweeet could sound like an exaggeration however take into account: on YouTube, the Duran boys make some extent of not utilizing the phrases Nazi or Hitler or Bucha apparently as a result of they danger being demonetized.

To cite famed brief vendor David Einhorn: “Regardless of how dangerous you suppose it’s, it’s worse”:

Provide Chain/Inflation

The Bezzle

Sam Bankman-Fried Agrees to Testify Before House Committee New York Occasions (Kevin W)

I Accidentally Got SBF To Admit to Fraud Coffeezilla, YouTube. In case you missed it, good and never overlong weekend fare.

Want to own Twitter’s kitchen equipment or office chairs? Here’s your chance MarketWatch

FCC Orders Telecoms To Block Scammers Targeting Student Loan Forgiveness Seekers Gizmodo

Understanding Absolute Vs. Comparative Advantage & Why It Matters Ian Welsh

Class Warfare

UK government mounts state offensive against striking workers Defend Democracy

A third of New Zealand’s Navy ships are docked over lack of crew Protection Information

Tackling inequality from the demand side Steve Waldman

Antidote du jour (William B):

And a bonus (guurst):

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