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The Causes of and Responses to Today’s Inflation (PDF) Joseph E. Stiglitz and Ira Regmi, Roosevelt Institute. “Our evaluation concludes that immediately’s inflation is essentially pushed by provide shocks and sectoral demand shifts, not by extra combination demand. Financial coverage, then, is simply too blunt an instrument as a result of it should vastly cut back inflation solely at the price of unnecessarily excessive unemployment, with extreme adversarial distributive penalties.” Maybe the cruelty is the purpose.

How does the Consumer Price Index account for the cost of housing? Brookings Establishment

Martin Wolf on the economy in 2023 FT

Local weather

Massive storm to impact the Central and Southern U.S. The Watchers

As the Arctic Warms, Beavers Move In Smithsonian. On beavers as ecosystem engineers, see NC here, here, and here.


Reducing the particles generated by flushing institutional toilets Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene. From April, nonetheless germane. “Airborne particles play a big function within the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. A earlier examine reported that institutional flush-O-meter (FOM) bathrooms can generate 3–12 occasions as many droplets as different bathrooms by splashing (giant droplets) and bubble bursting (tremendous droplets).” Yes, airports use them. Photo (notice the dearth of tank and the dearth of a lid):

Keep secure on the market in your vacation travels!

* * *

A liver drug reduces SARS-CoV-2 entry into cells Nature. Hamsters + donated human organs. “A broadly used drug referred to as UDCA reduces SARS-CoV-2 an infection in human organoid constructions, animals and human organs maintained outdoors the physique. People utilizing UDCA for liver situations are much less prone to develop extreme COVID-19 than are individuals who didn’t use it. UDCA remedy may assist to guard folks with suppressed immune methods and supply protectionagainst vaccine-resistant variants…. UDCA is broadly used, accessible, value efficient, off-patent and straightforward to fabricate and retailer — overcoming value and distribution boundaries. It doesn’t goal the immune system or the virus itself and will due to this fact be each efficient in folks with weak immune methods and shield in opposition to viral resistance. It may be efficient in future coronavirus pandemics, as a result of ACE2 is a doorway for a lot of such viruses…. [T]his examine is just not a scientific trial, and our findings should be validated and confirmed in giant teams of people who’re studied over time.”

* * *

Two Years of U.S. COVID-19 Vaccines Have Prevented Millions of Hospitalizations and Deaths Commonwealth Fund

Urgent Need for Next-Generation COVID-19 Vaccines JAMA. “[I]f immunity that decreased illness transmission may very well be elicited by a comparatively cheap, simply administered vaccine saved at room temperature, a a lot better fraction of the world’s inhabitants may very well be readily immunized, maybe slowing the emergence of troubling variants.”

* * *

Why We Fight Peste. The deck: “An introductory letter to the 2022 Public Well being Disservice Awards,” much like my Sociopath of the Day Award. The Achievement in Public Well being Disservice is a tie between Stanford (house of the Nice Barrington Declaration) and UCSF (house of Vinay Prasad, Bob Wachter, and Monica Gandhi). Worthy winners, actually, however didn’t WHO and CDC a minimum of deserve Dishonorable Mentions?


Coronavirus: China stops counting asymptomatic cases as country moves to living with Covid SCMP. Superb to see the “residing with” formulation infect China. It’s nearly as if the PMC — on this case, the editors who handed the headline — are the primary actually worldwide class (except for billionaires, after all). All people is aware of what “residing with” Covid means, too; it means dying from it, for everybody however those that propagate the “residing with trope” (that is Rule #2, but see Invariants #1 and #2).

Unrest in Mongolia: Who Stands to Gain? Indian Punchline

“Online testing is a joke”: How Chinese students cheat on U.S. college entry exams Remainder of World. (Founder is Eric Schmidt’s daughter….)

Pricey Previous Blighty

The NHS is now no match for its foreign counterparts. These are the alternatives The Telegraph. “The mantra of effectivity, which has created “just-in-time” provide chains in lots of sectors, was imported to the NHS to a level not seen in most different well being methods – particularly these with a aggressive motive to maintain issues vivid and glossy for his or her prospects.”

European Disunion

EU ministers fail again on gas price cap to contain costs AP

What Is The Reichsbürger Movement Accused Of Trying To Overthrow The German Government? Madras Courier

Thousands in Montenegro clash with police over political tension Andalou Company

New Not-So-Chilly Battle

Far, far from Ypres” (lyrics):

* * *

The United States Couldn’t Stop Being Stupid if It Wanted To Stephen Walt, Overseas Coverage

Putin’s annual State of the Nation Address is likely to be held in 2023 — source Tass. Maybe Putin willl be busy within the meantime?

* * *

Did Russia and China sign a secret defense pact? Accountable Statecraft

U.S. Eyes Giving Ukraine Patriot Missile Defense Systems WSJ

Royal Marines have taken part in ‘high-risk’ covert operations in Ukraine, general reveals for first time Each day Mail. What may go unsuitable?

Peru’s armed forces to take control of airports, other key infrastructure amid protests South China Morning Submit

Lula looks to reduce role of armed forces in Brazilian politics FT

Biden Administration

Lawmakers Announce Bipartisan Breakthrough on Full-Year Omnibus Spending Bill Authorities Govt

Biden Kills Senate Resolution To End Yemen Genocide Caitlin Johnstone

What the Respect for Marriage Act Actually Does (and Doesn’t Do) Jezebel

Capitol Seizure

Exclusive: An intel analyst tried to prevent the Jan. 6 attack — but DHS failed to act Yahoo Information

Intelligence Group

Cambridge University’s Course For Spooks Declassified UK

Police State Watch

The City That Kicked Cops Out of Schools and Tried Restorative Practices Instead In These Occasions

The Bezzle

SBF’s “dirty money” Axios

Binance CEO says deposits returning to exchange Reuters

Crypto Was Always Smoke and Mirrors The Atlantic

Carlyle to miss deadline for $22bn fund as investors cool on private equity FT


Nuclear fusion reactor ‘breakthrough’ is significant, but light-years away from being useful LiveScience

States Demand That Google, Apple Raise Content Ratings for TikTok WSJ

Apple planning to allow third-party App Store alternatives on the iPhone for the first time 9to5 Mac. Because of EU regulators.

Our Famously Free Press

The stuff uncovered in the Twitter whistleblower report @AvidHalaby, Thread Reader. Jawdropping.

Provide Chain

U.S. shale oil output to keep growing, at snail’s pace – EIA Reuters

2023 to Only Be the End of the Beginning of Commodity Market Rebalancing Hellenic Transport Information

More Nations Are Tightening Control of Strategic Mineral Exports Maritime Govt

Sports activities Desk

Messi, Argentina beat Croatia 3-0 to reach World Cup final AP. From the sport:

Messi deked that man actually badly. Is Messi just like the Shane Warne of soccer?

‘Camel Flu’ Threat At FIFA World Cup? Here’s What Health Authorities Say NDTV

Realignment and Legitimacy

We need the return of the state Tax Analysis UK

Class Warfare

Railroad Union Votes Out Union President – 100,000 UK Nurses Strike – 500 Authors Protest HarperCollins Payday Report. The one protection of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen vote as of this writing, remarkably sufficient. And (after all (and for now)) see Twitter. Two days in the past:

And immediately:

Let the work-to-rule start!

Workers at one Lake Michigan Credit Union branch are unionizing mLive (marknaess2).

Behind the Key Decision That Left Many Poor Homeowners Without Enough Money to Rebuild after Katrina ProPublica

I Knew You Were Trouble When I Logged In Slate. Ticketmaster.

Antidote du jour (Marku52):

Trendy! And:

Marku52 writes: “Right here is our Rescue GMC (Large Mutant Chihuahua). About twice the load of a real ChiHua. Genetics says he’s half Poodle?”

See yesterday’s Hyperlinks and Antidote du Jour here.

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