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Berlin Hotel’s Huge Aquarium Bursts, With 1,500 Fish Inside New York Instances (see additionally Giant aquarium bursts in Germany, killing 1,500 tropical fish and spilling 1 million litres of water ABC Australia, hat tip Kevin W). BC: “Some engineering feats are extra sophisticated than initially assumed.”

Pentagon Has Received ‘Several Hundreds’ of New UFO Reports Related Press

Airport security 100ml liquid rule to be scrapped BBC (furzy). Weirdly, the Birmingham airport has these higher scanners however not LGA.

What Would Plato Say About ChatGPT? New York Instances (David L)

The Illustrated Transformer Jay Alammar (David L)

Almost 8,000 US shootings attributed to unseasonable heat – study Guardian (Dr. Kevin)

The rise and fall of peer review: Why the greatest scientific experiment in history failed, and why that’s a great thing Adam Mastroianni (Chuck L). Immediately’s should learn.



China facing largest COVID surge of the pandemic: possibly 800 million cases NPR (David L)

Beijing Crematorium’s Death Surge Points to Rising Covid Toll in China Wall Avenue Journal (Dr. Kevin)



Working Parents Are Overwhelmed as Kids Get Sick Again and Again Bloomberg (ma)

New poll shows why some adults aren’t getting the COVID booster ABC (ma)

Virginia schools can require masking for peers and teachers of 12 students with disabilities, settlement states CNN. ma: “Glad I don’t must administer this!”

Ann Arbor Public Schools issues health advisory amid rise in student, staff illnesses ClickonDetriot (ma)

Local weather/Setting

Amazon’s Plastic Waste Soared in 2021, Report Finds Gizmodo

One of NYC’s Biggest Co-Ops Considers Ban on E-Bikes in Response to Battery Fire Fears The Metropolis


China Threatens To Fire Senators Who Voted For TikTok Ban Babylon Bee

The fentanyl wars: China, Mexico and the US Asia Instances (Kevin W)

Chinese fighter jets’ South American hopes grounded as Argentina pulls purchase plan South China Morning Publish

Outdated Blighty

>UK climate: Extra warnings of extreme chilly, ice and snow earlier than blizzards sweep in Sky

France’s Nuclear Reactor Has Been Delayed Again Barron’s

Polish police chief, Jaroslaw Szymczyk injured after gift explosion New York Publish. “Polish authorities have requested Ukrainian officers to “present related explanations” as to why the reward exploded.”

New Not-So-Chilly Battle

Russia pounds Ukrainian infrastructure in ‘biggest attacks’ since invasion Monetary Instances. This was the day after the largest assaults on Donetsk metropolis. The Russians have been making massive strikes on at the least an every-other-week foundation. If this one was meant to be partly retaliatory, the Western press is pointedly not taking discover. BTW Rybar disagrees:

Though the missile assault can’t be referred to as probably the most huge in latest months, the variety of missiles fired and the geography of targets are nonetheless spectacular.

Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv without power after Russian strikes BBC

Ukraine Updates: Kiev warns of long energy shortages DW

European rights court to take precautionary measure against Belgium over asylum seekers’ lack of shelter Anadolu Company

* * *

How to avoid another world war Henry Kissinger, Spectator. Kevin W: “Henry has gone senile going by his assumptions on this article.”

Diplomacy Watch: Is the Overton window of the Ukraine war’s end game shifting? Accountable Statecraft. Much less deluded remains to be deluded.

America’s New Sanctions Strategy International Affairs

Meloni fully supporting NATO’s war in Ukraine Defend Democracy

* * *

Volodymyr Zelensky and his generals explain why the war hangs in the balance Economist. Regardless of my allergy for this type of factor, that is necessary, regardless of the rah rah set-up and the same old blather from Zelensky. The interviews with Generals Zaluzhny and Syrsky comprise many admissions towards curiosity. Distinction this with the statements from the British MoD: Western Hysteria Ramps Up Larry Johnson

How Putin’s technocrats saved the economy to fight a war they opposed Monetary Instances. Late to this, partly as a result of it was apparent the place it was going. Alexander Mercouris is correct, the article is overtly offended over the truth that Putin’s seen-as-liberal economics group didn’t activate him. But it surely doesn’t set up whether or not they opposed the popularity of the breakaway republics merely on financial grounds (the clear perception that the West would crush Russia with sanctions) or additionally as a result of they opposed a battle in Ukraine on political/ethical grounds. The article presumes they’re (or ought to have been) however depends on disapproving statements from outsiders or the few officers who did depart.

Additionally discover the picture of Putin assembly along with his advisers. Boy, did he NOT need to get Covid! Recall he skipped the 2021 G20 over professed Covid issues. There are more moderen pictures and staged occasions with him sitting fairly near particular person officers. Extra confidence in Sputnik? Tremendous ventilated places of work? Extra danger tolerance?

* * *

What are they now talking about on Russian talk shows? Gilbert Doctorow


Moscow welcomes Turkey’s call for trilateral Syria diplomacy Center East On-line. Turkey lastly mad sufficient about NATO provocations by way of Greece to affix forces with Assad v. Individuals.

Family of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat files case against Palestinian Authority in International Criminal Court CNN (ma)

2022 was a record year for settler violence. Palestinians say next year will be even worse. Mondoweiss

Imperial Collapse Watch

Five F-35 issues have been downgraded, but they remain unsolved Protection Information

Biden’s Halftime Report: Is America Really Back on the World Stage? Haaretz

Shocking Video Shows Man Overboard Incident on Hospital Ship USNS Comfort QCaptain (guurst). For a degree-of-difficulty comparability, cruise ships do that maneuver on a regular basis with that measurement or larger tenders in ports the place the ship is just too massive to cokc.

Our No Longer Free Press

From the Twitter Files: Twitter, The FBI Subsidiary Matt Taibbi (Chuck L)

Twitter’s suspension of journalists sets ‘dangerous precedent’, UN warns Guardian. Kevin W: “Exclusion of unbiased journalists remains to be OK nevertheless.”

In assault on democratic rights, rail union sanctions victorious opposition candidate for sharing WSWS article WSWS (fk)

Provide Chain/Inflation

US ‘peak’ inflation talk misses the China point Asia Instances (Kevin W)

Biden administration set to start refilling oil reserve Politico (Kevin W)

The Bezzle

Binance’s native BNB token plunges to lowest since July as concerns mount about withdrawals, FTX ties CNBC

Accounting firm that issued proof of reserves report for Binance halts service to all crypto clients Fox

Democrats Plan To Return Over $1 Million From FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried The Verge. A small fraction of what it’s identified even now that they acquired.

Can Child Care Be a Big Business? Private Equity Thinks So. New York Instances. fk: “Little one care tollbooths?”

Goldman Sachs prepares to lay off almost 4,000 employees Monetary Instances

Class Warfare

Labor Leaders Provide Cover for Privatization of Medicare Counterpunch

Starbucks Workers Strike at 100 Stores Nationwide – UK Strike Wave Spreads – Hyundai & Kia Used Child Labor in 10 Alabama Plants Mike Elk

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