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Pleased Winter Solstice!

Dogs Pay the Price in Italian Truffle Conflict Wall Avenue Journal (BC)

Did the GPT3 Chatbot Pass the Lovelace Creativity Test? Thoughts Issues (David L)

Adults are buying toys for themselves, and it’s the biggest source of growth for the industry CNBC. I purchased myself a Slinky and a Superball some years again, however they had been partly for my cats. They did just like the Slinky sound.

Under attack: Researchers shed light on how Lyme disease infects body Gina Wadas, Johns Hopkins


ma: “I don’t know if that is consultant, and even what nation these dad and mom are in, however whether it is…………..looks as if an explosion of righteous rage may very well be coming….directed at who I ponder…..”


‘World Health Organisation Doomed the World by Concealing Evidence of Airborne COVID Transmission’ Byline Occasions (ma). Notice the date.


Morgue Data Reveal Africa’s High COVID-19 Death Toll BU Faculty of Public Well being (ma). A lot for the parable that Africa fared properly.



With “Immunity Debt,” Democrats are Having their Ivermectin Moment The Gauntlet (ma)


Local weather/Setting

COP15: Nations reach ‘historic’ deal to protect nature BBC (David L)

Responsible sourcing: Theory and evidence from Costa Rica VoxEU

EU agrees to the world’s largest carbon border tax CNN


Why US really blacklisted China’s YMTC Asia Occasions (Kevin W)

China pushes for stronger ties with France ahead of possible Macron visit South China Morning Publish

China’s Belt and Road comes untracked in SE Europe Asia Occasions (Kevin W)

Previous Blighty

Post-Brexit Britain: a country broken by lies Chris Gray (guurst)

British MPs’ irresponsible anti-China rhetoric may drive UK’s plight even worse World Occasions

NHS nurse and ambulance strikes face UK government, army and sellout by union leaders WWS

UK sending 1,200 troops to fill in as ambulance crews strike ABC (ma)

New Not-So-Chilly Conflict

Ukraine to boost Belarus border defences as Putin meets Lukashenko BBC. Protection Secretary Sergei Shoigu and Overseas Minister Sergey Lavrov additionally went to Belarus. A lot hypothesis from the same old suspects that this was to get Belarus to conform to sponsoring a joint offensive on Ukraine. Dima at Army Abstract presented another theory, that Russia needs two army bases in Belarus. My pet view is that this assembly was extra one thing just like the latter, and Putin introduced alongside his tippy high officers to flatter Lukashenko and as a deception, to get Ukraine and NATO over-preparing for a giant strike from Belarus.

Power shortage in Kiev stands at over 50% – Ukrenergo Interfax

Washington Is Prolonging Ukraine’s Suffering Douglas Macgregor, American Conservative

Ukraine Russia War – Power and Patriot Missiles Choose Napolitano with Colonel Macgregor, YouTube

Europe finally agrees to cap gas prices CNN (Kevin W)

Information war: NATO occupies Moldova! Defend Democracy

How Amazon Put Ukraine’s ‘Government in a Box’ Los Angeles Occasions

Ukraine – Is There Really A Change Of The Narrative? Moon of Alabama (Kevin W)

Of Course, They Lie. Andrei Martyanov (guurst)

SCOTT RITTER: A Lexicon for Disaster Consortium Information. Necessary.


Syria says Israeli airstrikes hit sites in Damascus area, two soldiers wounded Occasions of Israel. See additionally on October 27 Syria reports Israeli air attack on targets in Damascus area Al Jazeera and Sept. 16 per Reuters.

Massive Brother is Watching You Watch

FBI’s Vetted Info Sharing Network ‘InfraGard’ Hacked Brian Krebs (BC)

Imperial Collapse Watch

Pentagon to weed out extremists by banning Marine Corps DuffleBlog

Air Force Grounds Entire B-2 Fleet After Emergency Landing Army.com

All of These Guys Belong in Prison’: CIA Torture Described in Vivid Detail by Psychologist Frequent Goals (ma)


Jan. 6 committee goes out swinging The Hill

DOJ cares about the evidence, not the criminal referrals Politico

Lee Harvey Oswald, the CIA, and LSD: New Clues in Newly Declassified Documents Ryan Grim, Intercept

Police State Watch

The School That Calls the Police on Students Every Other Day ProPublica (Kevin W)

Swatters Used Ring Cameras To Livestream Attacks, Taunt Police, Prosecutors Say ars technica

Judge strikes down California gun law modeled on Texas abortion measure Politico

Our No Longer Free Press

‘Twitter Files’ show FBI offered executives top secret info to guide 2020 election censorship Washington Occasions

Emails show the FBI ‘repeatedly grilled’ Twitter execs over ‘state propaganda’ on the app Every day Mail. BC: “Don’t neglect the Obama signed NDA of 2013 that broadened what State Division (and IC) propoganda may very well be disseminated in US media: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith%E2%80%93Mundt_Act

Harvard/Harris: Two-Thirds of Voters Believe Social Media Engaged in Politically-Motivated Censorship and Demand Congressional Action Jonathan Turley

Elon Musk says Twitter will only let paying Blue subscribers vote in policy-related polls after users voted to oust him as CEO Enterprise Insider

The Bezzle

Crypto tycoon Sam Bankman-Fried agrees to extradition back to US after Bahamas court appearance descended into farce with prosecution AND defense saying they had no idea why they were there – and he headed back to rat-infested island jail Every day Mail (Li). Take a look at SBF in a number of the photographs. Rage and menace in his eyes. Additionally appears completely conceivable that SBF was liable for the mixup that led him to be delivered to courtroom, since given his givens, that may be a pleasant break in comparison with the jail.

FTX seeks to claw back Sam Bankman-Fried’s political donations Monetary Occasions. Oooh, that is gonna be FUN!

Binance’s Books Are a Black Box, Filings Show, As It Tries To Rally Confidence Reuters

Two Men Running a Ghost Kitchen in Northwest Portland Advertise 76 Distinct “Restaurants” on Food Delivery Apps Willamette Week (Paul R)

Lobbyists Have Held Up Nation’s First Right-To-Repair Bill In New York ars technica

San Francisco & Silicon Valley Housing Markets Puke Huge Price Drops, as Startups, Crypto, Tech, Social Media Make Total Mess Wolf Richter

Tesla buyers forced to arbitrate disputes Client Legislation & Coverage Weblog

Class Warfare

Danish government remains fixed on overturning EU minimum wage directives Anadolu Company

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