Hyperlinks 2/17/2023 | bare capitalism

Huge monitor lizard causes chaos at college dining hall (Video) New York Publish (furzy)

Connecticut Considers an Apology for 17th-Century Witch Trials New York Instances (Dr. Kevin)

For the First Time, Genetically Modified Trees Have Been Planted in a US Forest New York Instances

Mass death of sea lions from bird flu suggests virus may be spreading between mammals in the wild EL PAÍS (Paul R)

Forget nuclear war or global warming: America is still ‘fundamentally unprepared’ for zoonotic diseases – the biggest threat to humankind, says analysis by Harvard and NYU Day by day Mail

Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things Gurwinder (Anthony L)


Long Covid causing job losses and homelessness in Australia, inquiry hears Guardian

Local weather/Atmosphere

The world won’t decarbonise fast enough unless renewables make real money Economist

Colorado ponders storing carbon in defunct oil and gas wells PhysOrg


Pentagon’s top China official visits Taiwan Monetary Instances

Joe Biden defends Chinese balloon handling, vows to ‘remain in communication’ with Xi Jinping South China Morning Publish

The Biden National Security Team Keep Tweaking the Chinese Dragon’s Tail and Are Playing with Fire Larry Johnson

Australians Aren’t Allowed To Know If There Are American Nukes In Australia Caitlin Johnstone (Kevin W)

European Disunion

European Parliament chiefs block public scrutiny of von der Leyen over Pfizer contract Politico (Kevin W)

Outdated Blighty

Sunak gamble on sealing Brexit deal spurs warning from Eurosceptics Monetary Instances

British union announces fresh rail strikes over pay dispute Anadolu Company

New Not-So-Chilly Warfare

Ukraine war: Zelensky rules out territory deal with Putin in BBC interview BBC

The Moment of Greatest Danger William Schryver

Ukraine is burning through ammunition faster than the US and NATO can produce it. Inside the Pentagon’s plan to close the gap CNN. MSM admission towards curiosity.

On Ukraine, is Biden signaling that ‘as long as it takes’ may have an end-date? Accountable Statecraft


Digging deeper on Iran’s new underground air base Asia Instances (Kevin W)

Revealed: the hacking and disinformation team meddling in elections Guardian (Robin Okay). Israelis!

The Disgraceful Death of Harun Abu Aram Haaretz

Large Brother is Watching You Watch

Forget Milk and Eggs: Supermarkets Are Having a Fire Sale on Data About You The Markup

ChatGPT Is Ingesting Corporate Secrets Bruce Schneier

Imperial Collapse Watch

If our military cannot crush any country of our choosing tomorrow, are we really Britain? Day by day Mash


White House brushes off Haley’s call for mental competency test The Hill

Fetterman checked himself into hospital ‘to receive treatment for clinical depression,’ office says CNN

Georgia grand jury: ‘Perjury may have been committed’ in Trump election probe Washington Publish (furzy)

Unimportant Flying Objects

Hobby Club’s Missing Balloon Feared Shot Down By USAF Aviation Week (Li)

Did Joe Biden shoot down hobbyists $12 balloon with a $380,000 missile? Day by day Mail (BC)

Zelenskyy aide says Russian balloons part of aerial assault DW

Palestine Chemical Bomb

Railroaded Doomberg

Fury Grows Over Ohio Chemical Disaster as Biden Offers Help Bloomberg. Lead story.

Railroad workers confirm “nasty” toxic train “broke down” two days prior to crash in East Palestine, Ohio WSWS

The Ohio Derailment Catastrophe Is a Case Study in Disaster Capitalism

Our No Longer Free Press

Conspiracies are the price of freedom Unherd

Dominion sued Fox News for $1.6 billion. Internal documents show the tech company is only worth $80 million at most, Fox says. Enterprise Insider. As we’ve stated, defamation circumstances are laborious to win, notably if Dominion has to satisfy an “precise malice” normal. However Dominion may additionally win and get hen feed in damages. Harry Shearer as soon as gained a defamation case and was awarded $1.

Police State Watch

Lawsuit: Alabama Inmate Froze to Death After Guards Placed Detainee Inside Jail’s Walk-In Freezer Sputnik (Anthony L)

The Bezzle

Judge Signals Jail Time if Bankman-Fried’s Internet Access Is Not Curbed New York Instances. Pissing off the decide isn’t good.

SEC Charges Do Kwon, Terraform With Fraud In Connection With Terra Collapse CNBC

Calm Before the Storm: Is UK’s Financial Watchdog Gearing Up for Enforcement Action? CoinDesk

Tesla to recall nearly 363,000 cars over self-driving software flaw Monetary Instances

Tesla’s FSD [Full Service Driving] Revenue May Get A Reversal Francine McKenna

DocuSign To Lay Off 10% of Its Workforce CNBC

Class Warfare

CBO warns of sharp uptick in Social Security, Medicare spending The Hill

Tesla Fires Dozens After Workers Announce Union Campaign, Complaint Says Bloomberg

Formerly Incarcerated People Seek Discrimination Protection as “Protected Class” Truthout

Antidote du jour. Tim H: “Right here be Georgeous on the fitting and Munchkin on the left. Brothers from a rescue centre which have graced the family since April 1 final 12 months…”

And a bonus:

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