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Yves says she has to stand up very at the moment for property duties, and so should sleep when she would in any other case be posting. So want her luck, and he or she’ll make it as much as you later. –lambert

When you adopt a desert tortoise, prepare for a surprisingly social and zippy pet AP

Borealis Mud Volcano – Unique new volcano discovered in the Barents Sea The Watchers

Private-Equity Fundraising Blues Weigh Heavily on Newer Managers WSJ

Downtown LA’s Office Distress Shows the Pain Coming for Cities Bloomberg. Why, it’s nearly as if, official propaganda however, persons are voting with their toes towards 3Cs spaces, like places of work (with elevators).

Foul Mood? Barry Ritholz, The Massive Image

Tina Turner, ‘Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ whose triumphant career made her world-famous, dies at 83 AP

Local weather

Ozone Treaty Delayed Arctic Melting by 15 Years Scientific American

What Is Permitting Reform? Here’s a Cheat Sheet. Warmth Map. If you wish to battle any infrastructural challenge, perceive allowing.

The Perfect “Pathogen” Storm – Deadly Bacteria Is Adapting to Plastic Scitech Day by day


Despite deal, Colorado River’s long-term water crisis remains unsolved Los Angeles Occasions. Useful chart:


Estimation of Excess Mortality in Germany During 2020-2022 Cureus. From the Conclusion: “These findings point out that one thing will need to have occurred in spring 2021 that led to a sudden and sustained enhance in mortality, though no such results on mortality had been noticed throughout the early COVID-19 pandemic to date.” Mind Belief member GM’s fundamental observations:

1) Germany stopped counting in mid-2022 and consequently extra deaths in December 2022 have been 6-7x the official COVID deaths. 2) It was truly the worst winter of the pandemic for them however it was nearly fully ignored by the media and official statistics suppressed it 3) As I’ve identified many occasions, there isn’t any temporal correlation between vaccination drives and extra deaths.

(#1 could be a triumph of German (social) engineering….) GM: “Plenty of helpful information, Figures 7 and 9 are essentially the most related.” Right here they’re:

Study finds significant amount of clotting in the arteries of patients with STEMI and COVID-19 Information Medical Life Sciences

COVID-19 vaccines may undergo major overhaul this fall Science


US State Department’s top China official Rick Waters is stepping down South China Morning Publish

New Chinese ambassador to US acknowledges ‘serious difficulties’ in relations Channel Information Asia

The partitions are closing in:

LGVF = Native Authorities Financing Automobile. “They name it a ‘automobile’ as a result of it’s designed to drive off along with your cash.”

China’s 2023 iron ore imports seen unchanged as demand falters – industry sources Hellenic Delivery Information


UN urges Myanmar junta to open up to Cyclone Mocha relief Channel Information Asia. Myanmar’s mlitary rulers failed to cope with a cyclone in 2008: “[T]he Burmese regime was caught between the simple want for assist and an acute sense that its survival depends upon holding the reality from its individuals and from the world.” Historical past rhymes….

The Koreas

Massive Stock Pump-and-Dump Scheme Alleged, Featuring Energy Companies and K-pop Stars The Blue Roof


China said to be negotiating arms deals with Saudi Arabia and Egypt South China Morning Publish

European Disunion

Spanish voters face ‘strange crisis’ of high employment and rising prices FT

Will Romania Become The 3rd Submarine Operator In The Black Sea? Naval Information

Expensive Previous Blighty

Food prices are falling dramatically on world markets. Why then is UK food price inflation running at 19%? Richard Murphy, Funding the Future (was Ta Analysis UK).

SNP support down as Yes voters eye Labour, poll finds Holyrood

Ely riot: Everything we know after death of two boys and unanswered questions that remain Wales On-line

New Not-So-Chilly Warfare

Ukraine’s membership amid war ‘not on agenda,’ says NATO chief and NATO chief says delivery of F-16s to Ukraine ‘remains to be decided’ Anadolu Company. Ouch and ouch!

I was just in Kyiv under fire. I saw why Ukraine can win. Max Boot, WaPo. “The Ukrainians tried negotiating an finish to the conflict within the Minsk course of.” Angela Merkel (!!) disagrees, so one can solely marvel what else Boot is delusional about.

Ukraine Lost in Bakhmut. But It Has Much Bigger Plans (transcript) NYT. Doubling down.

* * *

Ukraine Armed Forces’ Commander-in-Chief Receives Head Injury in Missile Strike: Source to Sputnik Sputnik however Russia has data on Zaluzhny’s condition, but will not disclose it — foreign intel chief TASS. Is it actually a coincidence that Zaluzhny disappears and Ukraine ratchets up the cray cray in Belgorod, after dropping the most important battle on the good European plain since World Warfare II?

* * *

A look at the Free Russia Legion, the pro-Ukrainian group that attacked Belgorod France24

Russian raiders of Belgorod side with Ukraine but struggle to stick to Kyiv’s official line CNN. Oh, my candy summer time baby!

Fresh From Attack on Russian Soil, Raiders Taunt the Kremlin NYT. As a result of the world is like highschool.

White House says it is looking into reports about Ukraine’s use of US vehicles in Russia Anadolu Company

* * *

Head of Russian private army Wagner says more than 20,000 of his troops died in Bakhmut battle AP

Wondering About Prigozhin Weapons and Technique. The deck: “Will he run for President in Russia?”

* * *

After Ukraine: Arming down for lasting Eurasian security Accountable Statecraft. Articles like these assume that the US is agreement-capable, however we’re not. Why would Russia signal on to a second Minsk, in order that the Azovs can rebuild and provides it one other go? Large triers, these boys.

The Outcome of the War in Ukraine Depends on China and India The Nation. The deck: “Whether or not Individuals prefer it or not, this nation could have little selection however to start planning for an rising world order.” Or others will do the planning for us. Oh, wait, that’s already taking place….

* * *

Tech-Mythologies New Left Overview. “Ukraine claims to be the primary state on the earth with a digital ID that’s legitimate all through the nation.” Commentary:

South of the Border

Argentina in talks to expand China currency swap line, source says Reuters

LAC becomes second-largest destination for China’s outbound investment Xinhua. LAC = Latin American and Caribbean.

Biden Administration

Here are some possible debt ceiling escape hatches for McCarthy, Biden The Hill

JPMorgan’s US debt default Q&A FT. The deck: “Sellside analysis as a public service.”

Urgent measures are needed to shore up NIST’s crumbling facilities Physics At the moment

Central NY hotel management sent long-term residents scrambling to make room for migrant contracts Syracuse.com (bob). On the brilliant facet, who mentioned actual property was lifeless?


DeSantis, Musk bash the media – after embarrassment of Twitter chat crashing FOX

Digital Watch

Solving the explainable AI conundrum by bridging clinicians’ needs and developers’ goals Nature. “[Clinicians] have been on the lookout for the medical plausibility of mannequin outcomes. They did this by connecting mannequin outputs with patient-specific context info gathered from EHR techniques* and by observing the manifestations of medical signs of their sufferers…. they have been on the lookout for the medical plausibility of mannequin outcomes. They did this by connecting mannequin outputs with patient-specific context info gathered from EHR techniques and by observing the manifestations of medical signs of their sufferers.” Definitely AI, being a bullshit generator, is properly positioned to ship “plausibility.” However will reifying standard knowledge in software program imply that paradigmatic shifts can be more durable than they already are? I’m guessing sure. NOTE * EHR is optimized for billing, allow us to bear in mind. So the fashions would, presumably, additionally optimize for upcoding.


How doctors buy their way out of trouble Reuters. A must-read.

The Bezzle

How Will We Know When Self-Driving Cars Are Safe? When They Can Handle the World’s Worst Drivers WSJ. Which explains why they’re being examined in Phoenix, with its broad streets, rectangular streetmap, and wussy snow.


Empowered or Traumatized? A Call for Evidence-Informed Armed-Assailant Drills in U.S. Schools NEJM. “Have we utilized the rigor of evidence-informed choice making to those armed-assailant preparedness drills which have profoundly modified the college expertise?” Rigor isn’t, in itself, a constructive, if the premises for it are wrong.

Guillotine Watch

Why Are Economists Still Uncertain About the Effects of Monetary Policy? Federal Reserve Financial institution of Coverage. As a result of they haven’t added sufficient epicycles?

Class Warfare

Billionaires Contribute to Climate Change the Most — and Determine Climate Policy Teen Vogue

Air pollution exposure linked to severe COVID-19 outcomes Heart for Infectious Illness Analysis and Coverage. Stochastic eugenics.

LiDAR analyses in the contiguous Mirador-Calakmul Karst Basin, Guatemala: an introduction to new perspectives on regional early Maya socioeconomic and political organization Historic Mesoamerica. WaPo story. Commentary:

“The primary freeway system.” Fancy that!

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