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Underwater molecular barter (press launch) NewsWise. “‘Eat or be eaten’ will not be at all times the way in which issues are in nature.”

Iowa skipper butterfly ‘canary in coal mine’: A warning sign of prairie loss consequences for farmers, wildlife alike Examine Midwest

Venture capital funds are mostly just wasting their time and your money FT Alphaville. The deck: “Howling on the moonshots.”

Local weather

Tropical Storm “”Hilary”” forecast to rapidly strengthen on its way toward Baja California and the United States The Watchers

‘Cold tongue’: what the Pacific Ocean cool patch mystery says about climate change The Week

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Residents flee, airlifts begin as wildfire approaches capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories AP. Surge pricing throughout The Jackpot:

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Hawaii is vowing to protect landowners on Maui from being pressured to sell after wildfires AP

Hawaii Electric, While Failing to Act on Fire Prevention, Had Cozy Ties to Regulators Lee Fang

Maui emergency chief abruptly resigns amid Hawai’i fires response Axios

How the Maui wildfire tragedy got politicized Politico

* * *

SoCalGas fought a key California climate solution for years. It cost customers millions Sacramento Bee

The most unusual Kīlauea eruption…maybe 1823? Volcano Watch, U.S. Geological Survey


Calgary orders water restrictions as rivers hit historic lows The Climate Community

Italy built an $8B dam to save Venice SatPost by Trung Phan


Moderna Clinical Trial Data Confirm Its Updated Covid-19 Vaccine Generates Robust Immune Response in Humans Against Widely Circulating Variants (press launch) Moderna. Would possibly as nicely go straight to the supply.

Covid-19 affects taste independent of taste–smell confusions: results from a combined chemosensory home test and online survey from a large global cohort Chemical Senses. From the Summary: “Our examine demonstrates that COVID-19-positive people report style dysfunction when self-tested with stimuli which have little to none olfactory parts. Assessing the scent and style depth of home items is a promising, cost-effective screening device that enhances self-reports and should assist to disentangle style loss from scent loss. Nevertheless, it doesn’t substitute standardized validated psychophysical assessments.”


China Evergrande Seeks U.S. Court Approval for $19 Billion Debt Restructuring WSJ

See Inside a Ghost Town of Abandoned Mansions in China Architectural Digest

Xi chairs standing committee meeting; Is there a plan to deal with the growing debt mess?; Defending the RMB; Xizang Invoice Bishop, Sinocism

China’s central bank steps up defence of renminbi FT

China Steps Up Efforts to Stabilize Markets as Confidence Slumps and China Sneezes, But Will the World Catch a Cold? Bloomberg. Commentary:

World Insights: How world’s largest economy has catalyzed global economic turmoil Xinhua. Tu quoque!

Cost of gallium goes up after Chinese export restrictions land The Register

How to Kill Chinese Dynamism Challenge Syndicate


H&M to ‘phase out’ sourcing from Myanmar amid increasing reports of labour abuses in garment factories Channel Information Asia


Biden administration searching for ways to keep US forces in Niger to continue anti-terror operations despite overthrowing of government CNN


The problematic framing of Israel protests as a ‘fight for democracy’ The New Arab

European Disunion

Race to be EIB chief enters final furlong Politico. The deck: “Place is extra prestigious than ever earlier than due to European Funding Financial institution’s position in Ukraine.”

Fossil Media New Left Evaluation. French media.

Expensive Previous Blighty

If you’re under 50, it’s time to jump ship – get out of Britain while you can Telegraph. Says the Torygraph, which did a lot to create the very scenario it now decries..

Anas Sarwar: ‘Everbody has lost’ since MSPs passed Scottish gender recognition reforms Holyrood

New Not-So-Chilly Conflict

The Hard Truth: Ukraine Has No Realistic Path To Victory Over Russia and The Hard Reality: Ukraine’s Last-Gasp Offensive Has Failed 1945

U.S. intelligence says Ukraine will fail to meet offensive’s key goal WaPo. Shocker!

Explosions rock Zaporizhzhia Ukrainska Pravda

New Video Confirms Ukraine’s Latest Bridge Attack Was Done With Kamikaze USV Naval Information

* * *

Ukraine’s Azov brigade returns to front Ukrinform. Versus whacking refuseniks from the rear…. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Came to Power in Carefully Planned Operation Coordinated by Western Intelligence Services, Says Former U.S. Diplomat Covert Motion Journal

* * *

Summer of the Hawks (lengthy excerpt) Seymour Hersh

Bill Kristol leads charge to make Republicans think ‘right’ on Ukraine Accountable Statecraft. Invoice Kristol, recent — or slightly, stale — from his well-known victory in Iraq, nonetheless making financial institution, good job.

* * *

Sanctions on Russian crude and diesel exports are failing Hellenic Delivery Information

Russia Producing Iskander Ballistic Missiles at Several Times Pre-War Rate: Why That Matters Miitary Watch

Götterdämmerung in the East Massive Serge. Defeat for the Nazis of 1943-45. Effectively value a learn. The sheer scale amazes.

South of the Border

After killing of Ecuador candidate Villavicencio, speculation and recrimination Reuters

Biden Adminstration

Biden’s fall Covid vaccine rollout for the uninsured won’t include pharmacies at first Politico

The Supremes

Justice Alito is Wrong: Congress Can and Does Regulate the Supreme Court Verdict

Spook Nation

House Judiciary panel subpoenas FBI, DOJ over big tech collusion Anadalu Company

Digital Watch

Major U.S. energy org targeted in QR code phishing attack Bleeping Laptop. Bear in mind the idea of Phishing equilibria: If fraud can occur, it’s going to have already got occurred. So maybe the primary, however extra doubtless the primary that we all know of.

The sceptical case on generative AI FT

Zornio: HOAs are too powerful. They should not be allowed to foreclose on Colorado homes. Colorado Solar

Class Warfare

Unionized Workers at the Art Institute of Chicago Have Ratified a ‘Landmark’ First Contract, Ending 15 Months of Negotiations and Workers at the Guggenheim Museum Have Ratified Their First Union Contract, Ensuring Them Historic Pay Increases ArtNet

‘The Narrative Here Is That Workers Fought and They Won’ FAIR. The Teamsters UPS Contract

Taxing the 1 per cent: Public Opinion vs Public Policy British Journal of Political Science. Our ruling class demonstrates immense operational functionality in minimizing tax. Silver lining!

Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, seeding angst and uncertainty Nature. Since Twitter is the one common tackle house (Mastondon doesn’t have search past the occasion), this démarche is a superb loss for humanity.  An infection management’s droplet paradigm would by no means have been overturned by aerosol scientists and engineers with out Twitter. One other instance of excellent science on the Intertubes:

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