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Thirsty Raccoons Are Breaking Into Homes in Germany, and Specifically Stealing Beer Meals & Wine

How Turkey Replaced the Ottoman Language New Strains Journal

Russia’s Luna-25 moon lander suffers ’emergency situation’ in lunar orbit Area.com

USDA kills hundreds of Minnesota wolves to protect ranchers’ profits Minnesota Reformer

Local weather/Setting

SoCal Gas spent millions on astroturf ops to fight climate rules Cory Doctorow, Pluralistic

Locals have been sounding the alarm for years about Lahaina wildfire risk Grist

Those without homes ‘most at risk of dying’ from Hurricane Hilary in SoCal, advocates warn USA As we speak

New study finds far more hurricane-related deaths among poor and vulnerable Related Press


Former Covid medical officer Van-Tam takes role at vaccine maker Moderna The Guardian

European Disunion

Polish parliament condemns German “interference” in elections Notes From Poland

Slovakia’s Pre-Election Purge The Wayward Rabbler


The Japan-South Korea-US Summit Is Bad News for China The Diplomat

The next thread is price a learn for why summit’s agreements could not final lengthy:



New US envoy arrives in Niger, no policy change yet: State Dept Al Mayadeen. Kathleen FitzGibbon. She is, after all, a spook. From FitzGibbon’s state department bio: “…was first the Division Chief, West and Southern Africa, after which the Director of the Workplace of Africa Evaluation within the Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis…”

Costly Propositions New Left Evaluate. On the protests in Kenya.

New Not-So-Chilly Struggle

Ukraine SitRep: Chernihiv Done Exhibition – Russian Offensive Moon of Alabama

US proxy warriors ‘fear’ that Ukrainians are ‘casualty averse’ Aaron Mate

Two US warships visit Turkey amid crisis in Black Sea Duvar


EU Foreign Affairs chief: Russia akin to gas station with nuclear weapons Ukrainska Pravda. Borrell channeling his interior John McCain?

Irish weapons training plan for Ukrainian troops a ‘breach of neutrality’, TDs claim Irish Occasions

As US OKs F-16 transfers, USAFE head warns Ukraine won’t have them flying in 2023 Breaking Protection


LNG supplies: Why Europe is spooked by Australian strike Deutsche Welle

Namibia’s Green Hydrogen Future Der Spiegel Worldwide

Germany’s great hydrogen race: The corporate perpetuation of fossil fuels, energy colonialism and climate disaster Company Europe Observatory. From March, nonetheless germane.

South of the Border

Water, not lithium, is the resource Latin America should worry about Remainder of World


Tens of Thousands of Israelis Protest Judicial Overhaul for 33rd Week in a Row Amid Rising Gender Segregation and IDF Crisis Haaretz

With Morocco normalization, Israel revives a dangerous Africa policy 972 Journal

Imperial Collapse Watch

How a drill is preparing admirals, naval forces for simultaneous wars Protection Information

Biden Administration

In talks with prosecutors, Hunter Biden’s lawyers vowed to put the president on the stand Politico

ABC/IPSOS Poll: Roughly Half of Americans Have No Confidence in the Hunter Biden Investigation Jonathan Turley


Christie hits Trump on foreign policy: ‘I don’t want to be the apple of Vladimir Putin’s eye’  The Hill

Christie: Social Security, Medicare cuts are a necessary ‘political risk’ in today’s economy The Hill

This GOP presidential candidate has a higher favorability rating among Democrats than voters in his own party Fox Information. The earlier two hyperlinks are clues.

DeSantis calls Trump supporters ‘listless vessels,’ drawing rebuke Orlando Sentinel

Our Famously Free Press / Police State Watch

A raid on a Kansas newspaper likely broke the law, experts say. But which one? AP. Sadly can’t hyperlink to particular person tales on its web site, however the paper is The Marion County Record.

Co-owner of Kansas newspaper, who died amid stress from police raid, honored in funeral service Kansas Reflector

Groves of Academe

Schools are teaching ChatGPT, so students aren’t left behind CNN


Can We Red Team Our Way to AI Accountability? Tech Coverage Press

Screening Room

The Peripheral Canceled After Prime Video Undoes Season 2 Renewal Gizmodo

Provide Chain

Severe drought in Panama hits global shipping industry Fashionable Diplomacy

Zeitgeist Watch

Need a decent dining spot in Ottawa? Microsoft suggested a food bank The Register

The Bezzle

Another Crypto Millionaire Has Been Killed, Dismembered The Deep Dive

The Human Cost of Cryptomania Bloomberg. Slavery.


A Robotaxi Drove Itself Into Wet Cement On A Construction Site Jalopnik

California DMV cuts Cruise’s fleet after S.F. crashes involving its driverless cars San Francisco Chronicle

Class Warfare

Food insecure population grows for fifth straight month Stephen Semler, Talking Safety

City Leaders at Odds as Overdose Deaths Trending Toward Record High San Francisco Public Press

Our Economy Thrives on Bad Feelings New York Occasions



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