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Mesmerizing Metal Sculptures of Figures Coming Undone Right Before the Viewer’s Eyes My Fashionable Met (David L)

“Burned House” Mystery: Why Did This Ancient Culture Torch Its Own Homes Every 60 Years? JSTOR. Micael T: “Historical knowledge. If the homes within the Hamptons are principally wooden, let’s do that there?”

An Old Conjecture Falls, Making Spheres a Lot More Complicated Quanta Journal (Kevin W)

Why the empty atom picture misunderstands quantum theory aeon (Anthony L)

Biden’s alcohol czar warns Americans could soon be informed to restrict themselves to simply two beers per WEEK underneath strict new booze pointers Day by day Mail. Laborious to take this significantly when added sugars are are 13% of the typical People’ food plan and the well being police refuse to handle past an occasional throat-clearing.

The human Y chromosome has been fully sequenced for the first time New Scientist (Dr. Kevin)

The Last Lyme Shot Failed. Can a New One Succeed? Bloomberg (David L)


Mask mandates reemerge amid upturn in COVID-19 cases The Hill

Lockdowns and face masks ‘unequivocally’ cut spread of Covid, report finds Guardian. Nonetheless, the article reveals a surgical masks, which was fairly efficient underneath wild sort however not.

Local weather/Surroundings

The tropics could get so hot that all leaves on rainforest trees die New Scientist (Dr. Kevin)

Agrivoltaics Is Making Friends Across Partisan Lines, Thanks To Farmers CleanTechnica (Chuck L)

Changes to Pacific Ocean weather patterns will likely cause multi-year El Niño and La Niña periods, researchers find ABC Australia (Kevin W)


Why China’s economy won’t be fixed Economist (furzy)

Crisis-hit China is right to avoid Japan’s failed example Asia Occasions (Kevin W)

China debt: Beijing warned opportunity costs are rising as it seeks comprehensive solution to local government crisis South China Morning Publish

World’s Largest Miner Expresses Concern About Chinese Growth OilPrice

Has Xi Jinping bankrupted China? Edward Luttwak, Unherd. Do take into account the supply.

Huawei reportedly building ‘secret’ semiconductor fabs The Register

Maps, Geopolitics and Pop Culture: Understanding the controversy in Vietnam involving Blackpink and Barbie Fashionable Diplomacy (Micael T)

New Not-So-Chilly Warfare

The Real History of the War in Ukraine Jeffrey Sachs YouTube

Diplomacy Watch: Washington’s ‘wishful thinking’ on Ukraine Accountable Statecraft

Sunk Cost Fallacy In Ukraine Moon of Alabama (Kevin W)

* * *

Word Ukraine was pushing very arduous to take Robotyne, a small village within the gray zone in Zaporzhizhia, however August 24 and failed. Russia made an sudden pushback though most consultants believed Russia must cede the settlement. Word the New York Occasions (as re-reported by Alexander Mercouris beneath) said that the US has principally ordered Ukraine to make a full-bore push to interrupt the Russian land bridge in Crimea earlier than the autumn wet season hits, in 4 to 6 weeks.

Russia-Ukraine war live: Moscow says drone attacks on Crimea repelled Aljazeera

* * *

Watch: Putin Breaks Silence, Offers Condolences After Death of Prigozhin Wall Avenue Journal. Not paywalled. Edited however the longest clip I’ve seen in English up to now.

Wagner’s lucrative African operations thrown into post-Prigozhin limbo Monetary Occasions

Prigozhin. Is He Dead? Was He Assassinated? Cui Bono? Who Did It? Where to Wagner Now? Mark Sleboda

Death of Prigozhin: Causes & Suspects; No Ind Day Victory; US Tells Ukr Give Up Bakhmut; BRICS Grows Alexander Mercouris, YouTube

I hate to have to debate Prigozhin however I have to level out:

Based mostly on identified details, there isn’t a sturdy purpose for Putin to have had Prigozhin killed, notably as Alexanader Mercouris factors out, throughout the BRICS summit, and in Russia versus Africa, the place his loss of life could possibly be ‘splained away. The very last thing he would need to do is danger turning Prighzhin right into a martyr. And Putin had the means, and was in all probability on the way in which to constructing a case for the mom of all corruption trials Apart from the time in Syria when Prigozhin was freelancing after which the Russian authorities refused to cowl for his rogue motion and his males acquired whacked, I recall rumors of him operating blood diamonds and Russian investigators being killed.

That may have enabled the state to strip Prigozhin of most if not all of his remaining wealth, and of Wagner, and most essential, discredit him.

Now there could possibly be darkish matter, that not directly Prighozihin posed an imminent menace and the Kremlin concluded they may not comprise him quickly sufficient every other means. However that might not be leaking positions even when he had that intel. The US and Ukraine can see that with ISR. Weapons schematics? Weapons samples?

However they may presumably simply arrest him on corruption now even when the costs weren’t perfected.

* * *

U.S. says it will train Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16s in Arizona Washington Publish. Kevin Wc:”All 8 of them?”

Neocon dark money front launches desperate ad blitz as support for Ukraine forever war craters Grayzone (Kevin W)


Getting Israeli-Saudi Rapprochement Right Overseas Affairs (Kevin C)

Liberal Zionists hit rock bottom on faith that Israel will redeem itself Mondoweiss (Chuck L)

Huge Brother is Watching You Watch

DHS Has Spent Millions On an AI Surveillance Tool That Scans For ‘Sentiment and Emotion’ 404media

YouTube may face billions in fines if FTC confirms child privacy violations ars technica (Kevin W)

Imperial Collapse Watch

US will not abandon the Middle East: Top general Anadolu Company

How Brics is looking to challenge the western order in the Middle East Center East Eye

Setser is the person on this matter. Since earlier than the disaster, he has been meticulously monitoring greenback holdings and flows:


This tweet has been up 6 hours and as of simply after 4 AM EDT had almost 80 million views:

Jim Jordan launches probe into Georgia Trump prosecution The Hill

Trump arrest full recap: Mugshot, surrender, what’s next in Georgia election case CNBC

As of after I posted this, the video had 250 million views. There isn’t any means the Fox debate was wherever near that. Word there are 170 million registered voters within the US (forgive me for that includes it after Lambert posted it yesterday in Water Cooler).

Having stated that, Trump appeared, relying in your standpoint, very relaxed or low vitality. Headlines like Trump lashes out at Fox News, Bill Barr, Chris Christie in Tucker Carlson interview The Hill are an excessive mischaracterization, even earlier than attending to the truth that Trump’s greatest goal was, predictably, Biden. Possibly Trump thinks he’s a horse in an extended distance race maintaining a cushty tempo within the again stretch.

How Trump Won the Debate He Shunned Time


Give the People What They Want Joe Costello

GOP Clown Automotive

SUICIDE LOSER PARADE gets mowed down one by one – “Mr. Rogers” next on deck Jacob Dreizin. Dreizin hates Trump however is superb at channeling Trump voters. Belief me and click on via.

Republican presidential debate—the ugly face of American fascism WSWS

Our No Longer Free Press

Government Stupidity Is By Design Matt Stoller. Firms and their legal professionals howl over having to make extra pre-merger disclosures. Individually they don’t sound arduous, which implies the difficulty shouldn’t be the alleged burden however having to supply extra data.

CVS launches biosimilar manufacturing subsidiary Becker Hospital Information

The Bezzle

Mastercard, Binance To End Crypto Card Partnership Reuters

Tesla Wins Permit Approval For Diner and Drive-In Movie Supercharger In LA Teslarati

Class Warfare

Why we must replace the American nuclear family with a “postgenerational” society. Huge Suppose. Micael T: “Yeah, that is nice if you would like an atomized neoliberal hell the place solely the wealthy procreate.”

The clear and present danger of the transactional gift Monetary Occasions (Dr. Kevin). Obfuscatory headline. About items for elite faculty admission.

Antidote du jour (Chet G):

And a bonus (Dr. Kevin):

See yesterday’s Hyperlinks and Antidote du Jour here.

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