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Black Bears Move Into Abandoned Canada Town Evacuated Due to Wildfires Smithsonian Journal

Teen Gators Are Getting Into Golf Defector

Nebraska nightmare: New tick biting us, making us allergic to … red meat. Flatwater Free Press

Wildlife and the inescapable impact of road noise Excessive Nation Information

A biotech company says it put dopamine-making cells into people’s brains MIT Know-how Assessment

Local weather/Surroundings


When Crises Collide: The Looming Threat of Climate Change on Opioid Users Mad In America


The world’s largest dam demolition has begun. Can the dammed Klamath River finally find salvation? Cal Issues


Deaths Due to COVID-19 in Patients With Cancer During Different Waves of the Pandemic in the US JAMA Oncology. “Findings of this examine recommend that sufferers with most cancers skilled a disparate burden of COVID-19 mortality through the winter Omicron wave; methods to forestall COVID-19 transmission ought to stay a excessive precedence as new variants come up.”


CDC Details Multidrug-Resistant TB Outbreak in an Unlikely Spot MedPage At this time

Dozens Sickened, Five Killed by Meningococcal Disease Outbreak in Virginia Gizmodo

Burning Man Panic

‘Conserve food and water’: No access in or out of Burning Man after storm SFGATE

From Lambert. Probably the most believable meme:

Probably the most on-point meme:

No, There’s Not An Ebola Outbreak At Burning Man Forbes

Was the panic natural?

Was it Putin’s fault?


India launches Aditya-L1 solar observatory, its 1st-ever sun probe Area.com

Rahul Gandhi Accuses PM Narendra Modi of Preventing a Probe Into Adani Group The Wire


China’s Xi Jinping vows to open service sector to boost cross-border trade and investment South China Morning Submit

Country Garden woes: What we know about the temporary reprieve and broader risks Channel Information Asia

A Decade Down the Belt and Road The Diplomat


Protesters take to streets in Niger demanding withdrawal of French troops WION


CIA Still Refuses to Declassify Documents Exposing Its Responsibility for the Betrayal, Arrest and 27-Year Imprisonment of Nelson Mandela Covert Motion Journal

European Disunion

Italian ex-premier says French missile downed an airliner in 1980 by accident in bid to kill Gadhafi AP

Italy Factories Start to Cut Workers After Worsened GDP Drop Bloomberg

New Not-So-Chilly Struggle

Myths and Realities of the Russian/NATO NCO Systems Simplicius the Thinker


Zelensky’s presidential sponsor accused of money laundering, fraud Al Mayadeen

Nobel Foundation withdraws invitation to Russia, Belarus and Iran to attend ceremonies Related Press

Are 500,000 dead and wounded in Ukraine enough? Apparently not. Douglas MacKinnon, The Hill

Ukraine cannot win against Russia now, but victory by 2025 is possible Monetary Occasions

Ukraine’s substandard medical supplies endangering soldiers as war intensifies, volunteers warn The Globe and Mail


Reading Clausewitz, Thinking about War The Postil Journal


Nagorno-Karabakh president quits as breakaway territory’s crisis deepens bne Intellinews

South of the Border

Ecuador Votes to Keep Yasuní Oil in the Ground in Historic Referendum nacla

Ecuador Overwhelmed by Car Bombs and Prison Riots Telesur


‘It’s like 1948’: Israel cleanses vast West Bank region of nearly all Palestinians +972 Journal

Imperial Collapse Watch

Is the expanded BRICS truly a new international institution or just the Nonaligned Bloc 2.0? Gilbert Doctorow

What Happened to the UN’s Ability to Mediate? Consortium Information

B-a-a-a-a-d Banks

Ex-Wells Fargo Exec Deserves Prison in Accounts Scandal, US Says Bloomberg


Trump has 46-point lead over DeSantis as most GOP voters see indictments as ‘politically motivated’: poll Washington Examiner

Realignment and Legitimacy

Senility Pays, If Everyone Else is Gaga Too Andrew Cockburn, Spoils of Struggle

GOP Clown Automobile

Pillen’s Rise: After building pork empire, Nebraska’s governor stands at intersection of state and ag power Flatwater Free Press


How Eugenics Shaped the U.S. Prenatal Care System Sapiens

Our Famously Free Press

Gannett Stops Using AI To Write Articles For Now Because They Were Hilariously Terrible Techdirt


Sourcegraph website breached using leaked admin access token Bleeping Laptop

Sports activities Desk

Volleyball Day in Nebraska sets world record for attendance at a women’s sporting event Lincoln Journal Star

Provide Chain

The Green Great Game Is This Century’s Space Race The Diplomat

China reveals grand vision for space resource utilization Attention-grabbing Engineering

Angry Philippine islanders are trying to stop the great nickel rush Remainder of World

Class Warfare

SAG-AFTRA’s Video Game Workers Are Voting on a Strike Mom Jones

As more Californians allege on-the-job violations, labor groups say bosses retaliate Cal Issues

SF Uses Events, Construction Projects to Clear Streets Ahead of Pacific Rim Economic Summit, Other Gatherings San Francisco Public Press


The Bezzle

Silicon Valley Elites Show Off Renderings of Exclusive New City They Want to Build in the Bay Area Gizmodo

Antidote du jour (via):

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