Particular person of curiosity 2022: the longlist

Crypto was constructed by sensible guys who faux to be dumb and dumb guys who faux to be sensible. SBF’s freedom now is dependent upon a jury believing he’s each.

[The FTX investors’ tombstoNFT — FTAV]

Observe: an earlier model of this publish stated CFTC stood for Crypto Fanboy Buying and selling Fee. This was incorrect. We’re completely happy to make clear that the primary letters denote Chocolate Fireguard and the fee stands for nothing in anyway.

[We need to talk about the CFTC — FTAV]

The primary recorded incidence of a senior Huge-4 accountant breaching the trade code of honour by saying one thing memorable.

[Deloitte vice-chair to leave Big Four firm after drunken tirade at Royal Ascot — FT]

[ChatGPT vs The Sellside — FTAV]

What number of opaque offshore token buying and selling retailers constructed out of flimsy non-guarantees and thriller containers does the world want? Surprisingly, the reply just isn’t but zero.

[A brief-ish history of crypto audits — FTAV]

Unintended penalties by no means justify sufferer shaming. Nonetheless, being named in two-thirds of his divorces ought to at very least make Riley an adjunct to the creation of the World’s Most Terminally Divorced Man.

[Musk’s Bride of Reverse Frankentwitter — FTAV]

A giant title in digital conferencing, Johnny Boufarhat has been Europe’s quickest rising supply of articles about Johnny Boufarhat. That was proper up till his second got here to take round £200mn off the desk, after which the Boufarhattery went a complete lot quieter.

[Hopin: virtual events start-up struggles as real gatherings return — FT]

Alameda Analysis was to analysis what The Historical past Channel is to historical past, which is to say it gave every topic lower than an hour and concentrated totally on nonsense. In contrast to Alameda, nevertheless, it doesn’t value $8bn to modify off The Historical past Channel.

[Revealed: the Alameda venture capital portfolio — FTAV]

The reason for, and answer to, all of Britain’s issues.

[Ex-FCA chief Bailey ‘fell asleep’ in pensions mis-selling meeting — FT]

In its first iteration, Hipgnosis made iconic album covers that always concerned pyramids. In its second iteration, Hipgnosis buys music rights and doesn’t speak a lot about their geometry.

[Blackstone-backed song rights machine suffers growing pains — FT]

Vanilla Vice.

[Mrs (alleged) Bitfinex hack has a fascinating online footprint — FTAV]

If one thing seems to be too good to be true — reminiscent of, for instance, an efficient tax charge of 0.00028 per cent on a £141mn windfall revenue — then proving it isn’t needs to be a easy matter of suing (whereas being sued by) the federal government.

[The Ritblat vs HMRC files — FTAV]

His “Unbank Your self” T-shirt had folks asking numerous questions already answered by his shirt.

[Celsius Network founder withdrew $10mn ahead of bankruptcy — FT]

The one present Goldman worker whose job might be unaffected by poor efficiency evaluations.

[Can David Solomon DJ? An investigation — FTAV]

These are our nominations. Yours go within the remark field.

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