Scale back Your Volatility By Including XEQT:CA (TSX:XEQT:CA)

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Igor Kutyaev

Who is that this Fund for?

This fund is an easy and low-cost method to achieve broad publicity to international fairness markets. iShares Core Fairness ETF Portfolio (TSX:XEQT:CA) holds over 9,000 equities from throughout the globe, with publicity

XEQT Performance

XEQT Efficiency (Yahoo Finance)

XEQT Key Facts

XEQT Key Details (iShares)

XEQT Geographic Allocation

XEQT Geographic Allocation (iShares)

XEQT Sector Allocation

XEQT Sector Allocation (iShares)

Volatility and Diversification

Volatility and Diversification (PWL Capital)

Savings by holding underlying ETFs

Financial savings by holding underlying ETFs (Creator)

VEQT comparison

VEQT comparability (Vanguard)

Volatility by market

Volatility by market (Vanguard)

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